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How to Successfully Prevent Client No-Shows and Late Cancellations

How to Successfully Prevent Client No-Shows and Late Cancellations

No shows and late cancellations cost your lash business a lot of money! There, I said it. Theres no way to sugar coat it. Over time you will run your business into the ground—we both know you dont want that.

Think of it this way, NOT confirming lash appointments is like throwing a fabulous party and not sending out invitations—and then getting annoyed when people dont show up. Cmon lash boss. You know better than that.


These three steps will dramatically reduce the number of cancelled appointments.

1. Confirm appointments

Confirm and remind ALL your clients of their upcoming appointments. Sounds basic, it is. Yet, this is the number one rule of running a successful service. Taking a few minutes to email, text or call your client will drastically reduce the no-shows and late cancellations—and you get paid.

2. Invest in a quality booking system

If you run a salon, ideally, youll have invested in a digital booking system that can support you with confirmations. Most systems have functions for text and email reminders or apps that integrate. If yours doesnt, I suggest revamping your technology. Find something that will streamline your workload, and efficiently do the work for you. 

Nervous about the investment costs? Consider what it costs you for no shows. Now, how does it sound?

3. Customer loyalty is everything

Dont forget; your confirmation procedure is part of excellent customer service. Making an effort to remind your clients (who have busy lives) ensures your business continues to thrive, plus it gives you a chance to stay front of mind with your clients. It shows you care. After all, you have a business because of your clients. Look after them.