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Our Approach to Beauty

We’ve engineered Runway Lash Co. innovative lash extensions to be a premium product, presented in gorgeous packaging. We believe our lashes aren’t just one part of a salon’s offering, but a celebrated element in beauty therapy.

When you order, you can expect an exquisite pink package with gold foil detailing – delivered on time. We believe our products are the pinnacle of lash extensions in Australia – and we want our customers to know they are receiving the highest quality lashes available on the market.

We believe professional lash artists can’t guarantee their clients a fabulous result if their lash extension products aren’t of the highest quality. 


Our Guarantee

We know that finding a brand of lashes that feels right can take a lot of time, and a lot of trust. We feel that our lashes the best you can buy; so we offer a 30-day returns policy, just in case you aren’t satisfied with our products.