Mixed size classic lash trays


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Mixed size classic lash trays
Mixed size classic lash trays
Mixed size classic lash trays

Premium Silk Crosscut Lashes

The latest technology in lash extension manufacturing has arrived. 

Flat lashes tend to last longer than normal classic extensions, but they aren't very natural looking... usually they are too shiny and the tips are too thick, creating that "spider leg" fake lash look. Not to mention that they can only be attached to the top or bottom of the natural lash, due to the flat base of the extension.

Enter Runway Lash Co.'s Crosscut Premium Silk lash extensions. They have a gorgeous semi-matte finish, they weigh less than a standard 0.15mm classic lash, but look slightly more dramatic... like a 0.18-0.20mm!

The best part is, the base of the lash extension is a concave shape.... allowing it to bond with much more of the natural lash's surface area than a standard round or flat base classic lash extension. Think of how a hand made volume lash fan "hugs" the natural lash.... yep, our Crosscut classic lashes will hug the natural lash too!

When the surface of attachment between the lash extension and the natural lash is greater, the lash extension usually stays attached for a lot longer, ie. better retention for your clients!

Our Crosscut Premium Silk lashes are also super easy to use - they can be attached to the natural lash from any direction (top, bottom and each side).


  • Richest black colour
  • For ease of use, we have the lash length printed on the right hand side of each strip, and also along the bottom of each strip!
  • Semi-matte finish
  • Adhesive on the back of the lash strip is strong enough to not lift off your palette when you are picking up lashes
  • Available in C and D curls
  • Weight/thickness: 0.15mm
  • 16 lines per tray - 2x 8mm, 2x 9mm, 2x10mm 3x 11mm, 3x12mm, 2x13mm, 1x 14mm, 1x 15mm 
  • Single size trays also available
  • Made in Korea from the highest quality PBT fibre
Mixed size classic lash trays
Mixed size classic lash trays
Mixed size classic lash trays

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